Oliver’s campaign starts an initiative to clean up the Star City bay. Darhk sends a drone to the bay and begins shooting at the citizens helping, injuring several. In response, Oliver and his team decide to call out Darhk to the media as the leader of H.I.V.E. and the Ghosts. In retaliation, Darhk crashes Oliver’s campaign holiday party and kidnaps Diggle, Felicity, and Thea. After failing to get any information from Darhk’s soldiers, Oliver makes contact and agrees to exchange himself for them. Darhk tricks Oliver and attempts to kill them all in front of him. Malcolm, dressed as Green Arrow, and Laurel arrive and rescue everyone. Afterward, at the campaign tree lighting, Oliver proposes to Felicity, who accepts. As they leave, Darhk’s men shoot up Oliver’s limo and hit Felicity. In flashbacks, Oliver returns to the ship the Amazo to acquire more maps of the island, but, when he returns, he is discovered by Conklin.


Arrow, Tv Series

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