Bruce Wayne attempts to turn on his father’s computer, but it is smashed by Alfred before it is able to boot up, claiming that he was doing it to protect Wayne from the truth. Wayne fires Alfred, but changes his mind when Alfred agrees to physically train him so he can find his parents’ killer. Alfred enlists the help of Lucius Fox in order to fix the computer and help with Bruce’s mission. Theo Galavan kidnaps the mayor and places Jerome in charge of the other Arkham escapees, who now call themselves “the Maniax.” The escapees begin a murder spree for the sake of publicity, per an elaborate scheme of Theo’s. The Maniax infiltrate the precinct and take down the GCPD, slaughtering nearly everyone in the building, including Commissioner Essen. Edward Nygma is wounded saving Kristen Kringle during the massacre. Following the massacre, Harvey Bullock reunites with the GCPD in order to put an end to the Maniax’s reign of terror, despite the wishes of his fiancée.


Gothem, Tv Series

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