The Galavans kidnap Sid Bunderslaw and remove one of his eyes to gain access to a safe in a building owned by Wayne Enterprises. Through Selina Kyle, Cobblepot and Gilzean enlists the help of an infamous family of arsonists called the Pike brothers to ensure Theo’s goal is reached. After another hit on Cobblepot’s illegal business by the GCPD strike force, Gordon kills one of the Pikes, forcing the rest to use their stepsister Bridgit (Michelle Veintimilla), to sneak inside a Wayne Enterprises building and steal an old knife that belonged to the Wayne family. Theo asks Gordon to support his candidacy for mayor, but Gordon declines. Cobblepot discovers the history behind the knife: in the 19th century it was used by Jonathan Wayne, Bruce’s ancestor, to punish Caleb Dumas for his alleged sexual abuse towards Celestine Wayne, Jonathan’s sister. After the Wayne’s erased the Dumas name from history, the surviving members were exiled as punishment. They changed their names to Galavan, leading their descendants, Theo and Tabitha, to seek revenge on the Waynes by killing their last descendant, Bruce. Cobblepot plans to use this information to blackmail Theo and free his mother. During another heist, the Pike Brothers abandon Bridgit as Gordon and Bullock attempt to stop the Pikes and she is forced to flee with Selina’s help, accidentally killing a member of the strike force. Desperate, Gordon agrees to support Theo if he can help GCPD to clean up Gotham. Theo is visited by Father Creel (Ron Rifkin), who states that their revenge on the Waynes is soon at hand and that Bruce will be dead.


Gothem, Tv Series

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