In a effort to put a positive image on Supergirl in the wake of a serious mishap, Kara asks Winn and James to help her perfect her skills, while Hank and Alex put Kara through extensive physical training. Meanwhile, Kara learns that an insect-like alien of the Hellgrammite species who escaped from Fort Rozz is on Earth searching for chlorine-based food. The DEO prepares an ambush for the Hellgrammite, but it escapes, kidnapping Alex and taking her to Astra. Astra uses Alex as a trap for Kara. As Kara and Astra fight, Hank injures Astra with a Kryptonite knife and Alex kills the Hellgrammite. Learning that Kara has become more powerful than she had imagined and that humanity has a means of weakening Kryptonians, Astra muses that her “plans” may need to be temporarily postponed. Although Cat pressures James to get her an interview with Supergirl, James has reservations about being used as a go-between to his superpowered friends, while Kara is worried about being recognised. In the end, Kara agrees to the interview and prevents James from getting fired. It is also revealed that Hank might have a secret of his own when his eyes begin to glow red.


Supergirl, Tv Series

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