Dr. Wells returns to his secret room, where it is revealed that he has been documenting Barry’s growing abilities, and using his computer, Gideon, to look at events in the future. Barry arrives at a crime scene where the victim was murdered via electrocution, and charred beyond all recognition, suggesting a metahuman was involved. While investigating the victim’s identity, the team identifies a power drain in the city. When Barry arrives he is attacked by Farooq Gibran, a man who has the ability to siphon electrical energy. The attack drains Barry of his speed, and when Wells checks with Gideon it reveals that there are no references to Barry or “The Flash” in the future. Wells believes that Barry’s body just needs an electrical jumpstart, and Farooq arrives at the lab while the team is attempting to help Barry. The process does not appear to work, but Wells quickly realizes that Barry’s problem is psychological. When Farooq catches up to the team and Dr. Wells’ life is in danger, Barry overcomes his fear, connects to his speed on a cellular level and stops Farooq. Later, Dr. Wells sees that the timeline is back on track, and takes a sample of Farooq’s blood to determine how he was able to drain Barry’s abilities


The Flash, Tv Series

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