While in Wells’ secret room, Barry learns about his battle with the Reverse-Flash in the future, as well as key moments in his life that include marrying Iris, a promotion at the CCPD, and that he created the artificial consciousness known as Gideon in the future. The team regroups at Barry’s home, where Barry explains his plan to convince Wells to confess to killing his mother. In order to trap Wells, Cisco reverses the polarity of his containment field to protect himself from Wells, while Caitlin films the interaction to capture Wells’ confession. The trap fails, but Joe shoots Wells before he can kill Cisco. As Wells dies, his body transforms, revealing himself to be Hannibal Bates. Wells himself calls the team, revealing that he was always aware of their actions because he had them under surveillance. Wells goes after Iris and Eddie, but Barry arrives, forcing Wells to kidnap Eddie instead. Wells reveals to Eddie that he is really Eddie’s future relative. Flashbacks reveals the aftermath of Barry being struck by lightning, and Wells offering to Joe to save Barry’s life.


The Flash, Tv Series

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