Barry scours the city looking for Eddie, but must take a break to stop a robbery at the gold reserve. When Barry confronts the would-be thief, they are both disoriented by an unknown psychological attack. Back at the lab, Barry describes the attack to Caitlin and Cisco when Iris walks in, confronting Barry about being the Flash. The thief attacks again, but Barry is able to stop him. The thief turns out to be General Eiling, whose mind was being controlled by the gorilla Grodd. With a lead from Iris, Barry, Joe and Cisco head into the sewers to look for Grodd. The trio realize that Grodd is getting smarter and larger, and during an attack, Barry is knocked unconscious while Joe is kidnapped by Grodd. Cisco and Caitlin build Barry a device that will prevent Grodd from attacking him psychically. It works, but Grodd is too powerful and during a fight the device is damaged. Barry is able to fight off Grodd’s psychic attack and trick him into jumping in front of an on-coming train. Elsewhere, Wells works on a device that will allow him to return to his own time.


The Flash, Tv Series

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