Cisco discovers that Wells has been supercharging his speed while he sits in his wheelchair, which is why he is so much faster than Barry. The particle accelerator is activated, and the team realizes that Wells has been at S.T.A.R. Labs the entire time, and that he has repaired the accelerator. While investigating, Wells escapes, but the team is able to find and rescue Eddie, who is disillusioned after Wells showed him that Iris marries Barry in the future. Eddie later tells Iris what he knows of her future and ends their relationship. Worried that the metahumans imprisoned inside the particle accelerator will be killed when it reaches full power, the team decides to relocate them to the A.R.G.U.S. prison on Lian Yu. In order to set up a safe transport, Barry is forced to go to Leonard Snart for help. Snart agrees but only after Barry erases Snart’s criminal record and history from the CCPD database. Snart sabotages the transport and allows the metahumans to escape. Wells arrives back at the lab just as the accelerator fully charges. Barry, Firestorm and Oliver all meet outside to fight Wells. After each tries battling Wells individually, they coordinate their efforts, and Oliver finally stops him with a nanite injection that disables Wells’ speed.


The Flash, Tv Series

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