Jay explains to everyone that he is the Flash on his world, a parallel Earth, and that he was in a battle with a demonic speedster named Zoom when the singularity brought him to this Earth without his powers. Dr. Stein explains to the team how Jay’s story could be possible using the multiverse theory, describing their world as “Earth-1” and Jay’s as “Earth-2”. Zoom arrives and brings another metahuman from his Earth named Sand Demon to kill Barry. The two fight, but Sand Demon escapes. Cisco analyzes the “sand” left behind and has a flash of the fight between him and Barry. After Sand Demon kidnaps Officer Patty Spivot, Jay teaches Barry how to hurl lightning from the energy he creates when he runs. Cisco uses his new power to tap into the “sand” particles and find Patty’s location. Barry uses the lightning blast to turn Sand Demon’s particles to glass, stopping him. Later, Officer Spivot joins Joe’s metahuman task force. Cisco divulges his new ability to Dr. Stein, but asks him not to tell anyone. Dr. Stein and Cisco are able to locate 52 breaches with the other Earth. While showing the team, Dr. Stein collapses into unconsciousness.


Tv Series

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