The team locates one of the singularity breaches in the lab and Jay creates a device that stabilizes it and will allow him to return home, but he opts to stay to help Barry stop Zoom. Meanwhile, Lisa Snart shows up asking for Flash’s help in rescuing her brother Leonard, who she believes was kidnapped. Barry tracks down Leonard, who reveals that he was not kidnapped but is working with his father, Lewis. Lisa swears that Leonard would never work with their father willingly, because their father was abusive toward her when she was a child. Eventually, the team determines that Lewis placed a bomb inside of Lisa and threatened to kill her if Leonard did not help him steal some diamonds. Barry infiltrates Lewis’ crew with assistance from Leonard. Cisco successfully removes the bomb from Lisa, so Leonard uses his cold gun to kill his father in retaliation. Dr. Stein’s condition continues to deteriorate, and Earth-2’s Dr. Harrison Wells arrives through the singularity breach at the lab.


The Flash

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