Mark Mardon breaks James Jesse and Leonard Snart out of Iron Heights in an effort to team up to kill the Flash. Snart declines and warns Barry as repayment for him saving Snart’s sister. When Patty learns Mardon is back in the city, she sets out to take revenge against Mardon for killing her father years earlier. Jesse and Mardon place bombs hidden in Christmas gifts throughout the city, threatening to set them off in family homes if Barry does not sacrifice himself. Wells, Cisco, and Jay find one of the bombs and alter its magnetic polarity; they send it into one of the dimensional breaches, which causes it to attract the remaining bombs, removing them from the city. With them gone, Barry subdues Mardon and Jesse. Patty arrives ready to kill Mardon, but Barry as the Flash talks her out of it. Meanwhile, Joe learns that his ex-wife was pregnant when she left and that he has an adult son named Wally, who later shows up at Joe’s house. Elsewhere, Zoom visits Wells and agrees to release his daughter if Wells helps Barry become faster so he can steal Barry’s speed.


The Flash, Tv Series

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