On Earth-2, Zoom issues a demand to Central City to turn Harry in. The former attacks S.T.A.R. Labs to find Harry and Cisco; but the two escape with Barry-2. The trio updates Iris-2 on what happened with Barry-1. They decide to convince Caitlin-2 to help. After a fight, Caitlin-2 agrees to take the team to Zoom. They arrive and rescue Barry-1 and Jesse, but Zoom shows up too. They are able to escape by the help of Caitlin-2, who keeps Zoom frozen and unable to move, but a third unidentified prisoner, who tries to reveal something about Jay, is left behind. Barry-2 and Iris-2 leave Central City to hide from Zoom. Meanwhile on Earth-1, Caitlin-1 creates “Velocity 9“, which Jay uses to stop Adam, who gets incarcerated in Iron Heights. Caitlin-1 discovers that Velocity 9 can cure Jay. The latter, Caitlin, Iris and Joe stabilize the breach and allow Barry-1, Cisco, Harry, and Jesse to return, but Zoom stabs his arm through Jay and pulls him back through the closing breach to Earth-2.


The Flash, Tv Series

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