Barry starts training to get faster so that he can stop Zoom. While out with friends at a club for downtime, Barry and the other club patrons are robbed by an unknown speedster, who then escapes. The speedster turns out to be Eliza Harmon, a Mercury Labs employee who developed Velocity-9 from samples Caitlin gave her to help with Jay’s illness. Operating under the alias “Trajectory”, Eliza invades S.T.A.R. Labs, imprisons Barry, and demands more V-9. After she threatens Jesse’s life, Harry and Caitlin make more of the drug for Eliza, who then speeds off to wreak havoc on the city. Barry manages to stop her before she injects more V-9 into her system. Barry watches as Eliza’s speed becomes so intense that her lightning turns blue and she disintegrates. Jesse decides to leave the city to experience the world on her own and stop Harry from doing harmful things just to protect her. Based on what Barry saw from the overuse of V-9, the similarities between Zoom’s speed and Jay’s sickness, and Cisco’s “vibe”, the team concludes that Jay is Zoom.


The Flash, Tv Series

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