Barry travels back in time to when Hartley Rathaway attacked the team, and switches places with his past self, in order to have Eobard help him solve the Speed Force equation. However, after a Time Wraith follows Barry to the past, Eobard deduces Barry’s deception. Barry is able to convince Eobard to help the former become faster. The wraith comes to the lab, where Caitlin and Cisco are forced to accept help from Hartley to deter the wraith. Afterward, the Barry from the current time arrives, forcing an explanation of the time travel event. Eobard provides the future Barry with the information about the tachyon technology, so that he can return to his time. As Barry prepares to make the jump through time, the Wraith arrives, forcing the past timeline’s Barry to intervene, so that his future self can return. Back in his time, Barry is confronted by the Wraith, but a reformed Hartley arrives with his sonic gauntlets and defeats the wraith. Barry gives Iris a footage of Eddie recorded in the alternate timeline, advising her to move on with her life.


The Flash, Tv Series

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