While Barry keeps declining Harrison’s offer, the team rigs a hologram of the Flash to stop crime around the city so that no one will know the truth. Henry returns to Central City and joins the team. He argues with Harrison on the safety of another explosion. Hunter and Caitlin arrive back on Earth-1 with the former declaring the city under his control. Iris confesses her feelings to Barry. The Earth-2 version of Dante Ramon, called “Rupture,” arrives on Earth-1 looking to kill Cisco, believing that Cisco killed his Earth-2 brother. Hunter sends Dante-2 after the police to send the city a message. Barry and the police stop Dante-2, but Hunter arrives and kills the officers himself, as well as Dante-2 for failing. He then publicly announces the Flash’s disappearance. Cisco and Dante-1 become closer. Barry finally agrees to Harrison’s plan. During the process, Barry is seemingly vaporized, while Jesse and Wally are caught in the blast.


The Flash, Tv Series

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