Wally regains consciousness, but Jesse remains in a coma. Cisco has a vibe of Barry and realizes that he is still alive and in the Speed Force. Barry meets physical manifestations of the Speed Force in faces familiar to him. The Speed Force informs Barry that he cannot leave unless he catches a mysterious moving figure, thus gaining his speed back. Cisco and Harrison create a path into the Speed Force so Barry can escape, but the latter chooses to remain so he can earn his powers back. The Speed Force tells Barry that he cannot become the Flash again until he finally accepts Nora’s death. Barry shares a moment with the physical manifestation of Nora, which allows him to finally catch the moving figure himself. With his powers restored and help from Cisco and Iris, Barry returns to S.T.A.R. Labs in time to save the team from the reanimated corpse of Tony Woodward. Afterwards, Barry uses a bit of speed force energy to bring Jesse out of her coma. Across town, Hunter has assembled an army of metahumans from Earth-2, planning to unleash them on Central City.


The Flash, Tv Series

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