Mike and Frankie have dinner with the Norwoods, and, instead of wearing one of his favored plaid shirts, Mike wears a Hawaiian one. This causes surprise and shows new sides of Mike’s personality, as he also buys a motorcycle. With Axl and Sue now in college, Brick realizes he’s the only one that has to deal with chores. He thus tries to clean the bathroom following instructions in a YouTube video, but ends up destroying the wall on one side of the bath. Sue is thrilled that she can sign up for whatever campus activity she likes. She goes to the activities fair with Devin Levin, telling her that Axl loves her and might even marry her one day. Devin gets scared and breaks up with Axl, who accuses Sue of being the culprit and will not let her talk to him anymore. Sue, with the help of the a cappella group she has joined, sings a song to Devin that suggests Axl is not really in love with her. Devin meets Axl and the two reconcile, both agreeing that while in college they should just hang out and have fun.

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