Mike is mopey and upset but doesn’t say why, so Frankie calls Reverend Tim-Tom hoping he’ll find out what is worrying Mike. It turns out Mike can’t cope with Frankie turning 50, taking it as a sign they are both getting close to death. Sue organizes a tour of the East Indiana State campus for Brick. While walking Brick around, she meets Logan, whom she hasn’t seen since prom. Logan asks her out, so Sue tells Brick to go to the library and wait for her, but of course she later loses him. She starts searching for Brick and is afraid she might not be able to see Logan, but he helps her look. Eventually, Sue finds Brick (it turns out there are 12 libraries on campus) but loses Logan. Axl and Hutch want to complain to their landlord about the conditions at the rental house, only to find out they’ve been paying rent to a fake landlord. The real one evicts them, so Axl, Hutch and Kenny temporarily move into the Heck’s home.

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