Klaus and Elijah receive a dinner invitation from their mother. Elijah visits Marcel to find a witch named Lenora who can help them identify into whose body Esther jumps next,unfortunately,Vincent/Finn has her abducted. Vincent/Finn arrives the dinner and tries to know why his younger siblings had him daggered in a coffin for 900 years. It is revealed in the course of their meal that the necklace which Esther gifted Klaus wasn’t meant to protect him but to weaken him in order not break his werewolf curse. After this revelation,Esther jumps out of teenaged Cassie and The spell Lenora casts falls on her and she is Identified as Esther through a mark. She tells her sons she wants to heal and not to harm,and give them a new life and she vanishes in a mysterious way. Haley admits later on that she is tempted by the offer and accuses Elijah of not being caring. Elijah agrees to help Gia which is a big advantage to the other vampires including Marcel. Esther and Finn discuss plans to make their family whole again.

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