Alpha werewolves have come to join Jackson’s pack, so that the power from the marriage to Hayley will also spread to them and their packs. Freya finds Finn, who has sent Marcel and Kol to collect the blood of Hayley and Klaus which will help him locate the “miracle baby” which he believes is still alive and is the big secret Klaus is keeping. However, Marcel is busy trying to keep his vampires from feeding on the Alphas and once again, Kol changes sides and helps Klaus in hope that he and his other siblings will trust him. Meanwhile Finn has arrived at the house where Elijah, Cami and Hope have been staying. He stumbles upon Elijah and stakes him before searching for the baby. Kol and Rebekah channel Klaus, to overload Finn with magic. Elijah wakes up moments later and goes after Finn, determined to save Hope. Finn is overloaded with magic and loses his extra power before Elijah makes the house (which is filled with gas) explode. The episode ends with a glimpse at baby Hope, alluding to her possible powers.

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