Cami rushes away from the house and stops at a payphone where Elijah meets her and Hope. Klaus offers his house for the location of Jackson and Hayley’s wedding. Just before the wedding Elijah and Cami arrive at the house and Hope is reunited with her parents. Hayley doesn’t want Elijah to change her mind about the wedding and she goes on to marry Jackson. During the reception, Klaus makes a toast inviting the newly weds to live in the house. Elijah thinks that Klaus dislikes Jackson as he will end up being a better father figure than he is, and Klaus thinks Elijah wants Jackson dead because he is in love with Hayley. Elijah tells Hayley he may move out. Meanwhile, Aiden and Josh are comfortable together and Kol and Devina complete the dagger they have been working on and Freya raises Finn back from the dead. The episode ends with Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus and Davina surrounding Kol as he dies, and Rebekah promising to resurrect him.

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