In present day, Caroline is held prisoner by vervain soaked ropes but escapes from Enzo, only to get recaptured by the Heretic girls. The girls torture her. Valerie seems to be good to her by putting a spell on her which keeps her away from other vampires. Damon & Stefan rescue Caroline from the house which was made easy to enter by making Matt’s heart stop temporarily, as Matt was made owner of the house. In the last minute, Stefan is pulled out of the house & Damon is told by Enzo that the Heretics have Elena. Lily & the Heretics perform a funeral ritual for their fellow dead heretic and the love of Lil’s life. Lily threatens Damon into admitting to the murder of the Heretic & tells him to keep away from Mystic falls. Meanwhile, Alaric tests the Phoenix stone on a corpse in the morgue.

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