Damon & Stefan team up with Valerie, who is searching for Julian’s coffin to destroy it. Meanwhile, Rick is dealing with Jo to cope things after she becomes alive again. Bonnie goes to the Salvatore manor to ask Oscar, who is under Enzo’s watch, about the Phoenix stone but unfortunately, gets attacked by him. Enzo gets the Phoenix stone as Bonnie loses it when she tries to run away from Oscar. Enzo then stabs Oscar when he goes crazy. When the Salvatore brothers and Valerie reach their location, she explains that the Phoenix stone does not bring people alive but it transferred vampire souls imprisoned in the stone into a body. Just as Valerie tries to burn Julian’s corpse, Lily & the heretics arrive & rescue him. Valerie, who for her actions are left alone by the heretics, tells Damon that it was Lily’s plan to make Elena sleep as long as Bonnie is alive. Damon tries to murder Lily but they escaped by making coffins explode & injured Stefan, Damon & Valerie. Back in the Salvatore house, Enzo, in possession of Phoenix stone, makes Lily choose between him & Julian but Lily chooses the latter and disappointed, Enzo gives her the stone. With the stone, the heretics revive Julian. Bonnie sadly informs Rick about the stone and that Jo’s body might not have his wife’s soul. Bonnie is joined by Damon who vows to get revenge on Lily who destroys everything that makes him happy.

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