Lily, Damon and Stefan carry out a risqué plan to take down Julian which requires Lily and Julian unlinked with the help of heretics. Valerie discloses about Julian to the rest heretics who are now on her side completely except Mary Louise. Caroline informs Stefan about her pregnancy. After a talk with Lily, Stefan apologizes and says he will always love her. Enzo approaches Lily asking her to run to safety as she may fall into trouble and they share a moment. Later in the episode, Enzo finds himself vervained & kidnapped by Matt and his new hunting friends. Damon and Stefan finally corner Julian, but are interrupted by the heretics. Julian forces Lily to choose between killing Valerie, or Damon. Not realizing they are no longer linked, Lily decides to kill herself in order to protect her actual children. Nora breaks up with Mary Louise as the latter doubted Valerie’s story and sided with Julian. The heretics and Stefan bid heartfelt goodbyes to Lily while Damon in his unforgiving self, gives a crisp one “You made your bed. Have a nice nap!”

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