Carol and Tyreese learn from a Terminus ally, Martin, that the rest of their group is being held captive in Terminus. Carol heads off to rescue Rick’s group, while Tyreese stays behind with Martin and Judith. Carol causes an explosion that sets Terminus ablaze, attracts a nearby herd of walkers, and averts the executions of Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob, who use the opportunity to escape after discovering Terminus’ inhabitants are murderous cannibals. They fight their way through Terminus and rescue the rest of their group from the train car, while Gareth leads his surviving group out of Terminus. After Rick’s proposal to pursue Gareth’s men is rejected, Rick’s group reunites with Carol, Judith, and Tyreese, who claims to have killed Martin after the latter threatened Judith’s life. The group proceeds to places unknown, with Abraham intending to deliver Eugene to Washington, D.C. to cure the walker virus. Rick covers up a Terminus sign and labels it “No Sanctuary”. In a post-credits scene, Morgan Jones discovers the sign.

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