Gareth continues to taunt Bob and threaten his group, but Bob begins laughing hysterically and reveals that he was bitten by the walker in the food bank, and they are eating “tainted meat”. At the church, Sasha and Rick confront Fr. Gabriel about the disappearances of Bob, Daryl, and Carol and demand that he reveal his secret. Fr. Gabriel tearfully tells the group that he locked many people out of his church, including his own congregation, and left them to die at the hands of walkers, and he believes Rick’s group was sent to punish him. The group then hears a whistle and discovers an incapacitated and mutilated Bob outside the church, deposited there by Gareth’s group. Bob reveals he was bitten and tells them all he knows about the Hunters. Abraham wishes to leave with Eugene immediately on the church bus, but Rick demands that they stay to retaliate against the Hunters, and wait for Daryl and Carol to return. Their disagreement becomes heated and nearly violent before Glenn defuses the situation by agreeing to assist his group (alongside Maggie and Tara) if Abraham will stay for 12 hours to help them. After Rick, Abraham, Sasha, Maggie, Glenn, Tara, and Michonne set off to Gareth’s hideout, the Hunters break into the church intending to kill the remaining members who stayed behind, However, Rick’s group ambushes them, kills two of Gareth’s men, and shoots off two of Gareth’s fingers. Despite explaining his group’s motives, Rick, Sasha, Abraham, and Michonne slaughter Gareth, Martin, and the rest of the Hunters. The following morning, the group bids their goodbyes to Bob before he succumbs to his injuries, and Tyreese stabs him in the head to prevent reanimation. After burying Bob, the group parts ways with Abraham’s band. Abraham leaves a map for Rick that includes an apology. That night, Michonne encounters Daryl returning to the church and asks him where Carol is; Daryl calls for someone to come out of the woods.

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