Daryl and Carol follow a car marked with crosses to Atlanta. Their car runs out of gas, however, and the pair is forced to spend the night in a nearby women’s shelter – one where Carol had stayed before. The next morning, they travel downtown and ascend a tall office building to get a better view of the city. Daryl spots a van with similar white crosses hanging over a bridge. On the way to check it out they are ambushed by Noah, who steals their weapons and runs off, leaving them to fend for themselves, as several walkers attack. Carol attempts to shoot Noah with a pistol she is still armed with, but Daryl knocks her just as she shoots, causing her to miss. The pair decides to continue on to the van. Inside, a label on a gurney leads them to believe the group they’re following is based out of Grady Memorial Hospital. Walkers surround the van, trapping Daryl and Carol inside. They brace themselves as they intentionally rock the van off the ledge, survive the fall, and begin traveling towards the hospital. They enter a courthouse across the street to plan their next move. Gunfire erupts, and they discover it’s from Noah, who is being attacked by walkers inside the building. Daryl reclaims their weapons and pins Noah down under a bookshelf, with the intention of leaving him behind. Carol insists on rescuing Noah, and Daryl reluctantly gives in. Noah reveals that he knows Beth, and that she helped him escape from the hospital. They decide to work together to free Beth, but Noah warns that the police will be coming soon to investigate the gunfire. As they evacuate the building, the police hit Carol with their car. Undetected, Noah restrains Daryl to keep them hidden, while Carol is placed on a gurney and loaded into the car. Noah assures him that those who took Carol have medicine and a doctor who will treat her. Noah and Daryl commandeer a truck and travel towards the church to enlist Rick and the rest of the group’s help.

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