After helping Carl and Michonne fortify the church, Rick, Sasha, and Tyreese accompany Daryl and Noah to Atlanta, to rescue Beth and Carol. Despite Carl’s offering to teach him self-defense, Gabriel locks himself in a room and secretly flees the church. At the hospital, Beth desperately seeks help for Carol, but Dawn is unwilling to use her resources. Dawn eventually relents and secretly gives Beth the key to the medicine cabinet. Confronted by Beth, Dr. Stevens tells her that a dose of epinephrine may save Carol, although he warns her that Dawn didn’t give her the key out of kindness. She administers the medicine to Carol and stays by her side. Meanwhile, Maggie tends to an unconscious Eugene and a catatonic Abraham, while Rosita, Glenn, and Tara retrieve water and catch fish. Rosita describes how she met Abraham and Eugene. After sheltering a still unconscious Eugene from the sun, Maggie tries to persuade Abraham to have a bottle of water. Eugene awakens shortly afterward. In Atlanta, Rick proposes to invade the hospital to quickly retrieve Beth and Carol, but Tyreese insists they capture several police officers to use in trade, instead. Deciding to execute Tyreese’s plan, the group engages in a short scuffle that leads to the capture of three police officers. Officer Lamson, who Noah says is “one of the good ones”, offers advice to Rick on how to make the trade effective. Tyreese gives solace and comfort to Sasha, who is still mourning the loss of Bob. Lamson, recognizing what’s going on, takes advantage of Sasha’s condition. He tells her about a nearby walker that was his police partner, who died in the napalm bombing of Atlanta. Sasha offers take the walker out, and while she aims her rifle, Lamson knocks her out by ramming her into the window, and escapes.

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