Lamson is chased by Rick, who hits him with his car and shoots him. The remaining officers being held captive agree to lie to Dawn about Lamson’s death in order to push through the deal. Gabriel explores the old camp used by Gareth’s men, where he is horrified by Bob’s roasted leg on the barbecue pit. Walkers break out of a nearby school and follow him to the church, where Carl and Michonne fend off the horde. When the walkers enter the church, the three escape through Gabriel’s secret exit. Abraham’s group arrives shortly afterward to help end the attack. Glenn tells Michonne that Eugene lied about the cure, and Michonne reveals to the group that they know where Beth is. Meanwhile, Dawn is opening up to Beth, explaining to her that covering up recent events surrounding Gorman’s death and Carol’s situation was for her protection. Officer O’Donnell is nearby eavesdropping on their conversation and attempts to blackmail Dawn. Beth and Dawn work together to kill him. Continuing their earlier conversation, Beth accuses Dawn of covering up her actions in order to defend her reputation. Beth tells Dawn her intention to escape, just like Noah, but Dawn retorts, saying she knows Noah will return. Rick’s group proposes a trade with Dawn, and both groups meet at the hospital. The officers are traded for Carol and Beth, but Dawn changes the terms by demanding Noah’s return. Despite Rick’s refusal, Noah volunteers to stay. Beth confronts Dawn, stabbing her with scissors Beth had hidden earlier. Dawn instinctively shoots Beth dead, then displays shock and remorse. Enraged, Daryl kills Dawn immediately. Both groups engage in a standoff; however, the officers decide to stand down, as they knew Dawn was unraveling. Noah rejoins the group as they leave the hospital and meet up with Abraham’s group. Maggie breaks down after seeing Daryl carrying Beth’s body. In a post-credits scene, Morgan explores Gareth’s camp and Fr. Gabriel’s church, where he finds the map Abraham left for Rick.

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