On their journey to Washington, D.C., the group’s van breaks down, forcing them to travel on foot. They are exhausted and dehydrated due to dwindling supplies, and they begin to question their chances of survival. They continue to be disheartened by the untimely deaths of Beth and Tyreese. After traveling for miles, with a herd of walkers dangerously close behind, Rick orchestrates a plan to eliminate the walkers by luring them off the end of a bridge. However, Sasha dispatches them with her knife, forcing the group to abandon the plan and take on the walkers head-on; Michonne continues to chastise Sasha for her recklessness and warns her that Sasha might end up like her brother. While the group is resting, a pack of feral dogs arrives; the dogs are swiftly eliminated by Sasha and eaten by the group. Despite being comforted by Carol, a grieving and emotionally numb Daryl begins to self-inflict pain. After discovering a barn in the woods, Daryl rejoins the survivors, who are suspicious of water bottles left in the middle of the road with a note indicating that they came from “friend”. Believing the water is a trap, the group agrees not to risk drinking it for the time being. Rain begins to pour, and the group rejoices by catching the rainwater with their mouths before realizing that the rainfall has escalated into a violent thunderstorm. They take the water bottles before hiding in the barn Daryl found. That night, Rick tells the group they have to live with reality, to “do what [they] have to do”, and to tell themselves they “are the walking dead”. Daryl looks outside the entrance to see that a herd of walkers has converged; the group works together to fend them off. The next morning, the storm has decimated the walkers, and Maggie and Sasha decide to travel outside to watch the sunrise. The two are approached by a man named Aaron, who identifies himself as the “friend” and asks to talk to Rick.

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