Sasha travels outside the gates of Alexandria, taking with her framed family portraits she found in Alexandria to use as target practice. Feeling desolate, she wanders further into the woods, mumbling to herself for the walkers to “come and get” her. Meanwhile, Rick, Carol, and Daryl meet privately in the woods to discuss retrieving weapons from the armory in Alexandria, should they need them at short notice. They kill a walker and discover a mysterious “W” carved into its forehead. While out hunting, Daryl encounters Aaron, who is also out hunting. The duo try to catch a wild horse but are attacked by walkers, and the horse is killed. Sasha returns to Alexandria unscathed and requests to be a lookout in the bell tower, but her request is rejected by Deanna, who feels there is no need for a lookout for the time being. That evening, Deanna holds a welcoming party for Rick’s group at her house, where Rick is introduced to Deanna’s husband Reg and Jessie’s husband Pete. Sam stamps Rick’s hand with the letter “A”. Daryl is unwilling to attend the party and is invited to Aaron’s house, where he, Aaron, and Eric eat a meal together. Aaron shows Daryl a workshop filled with motorcycle parts, says he’s welcome to rebuild a bike, and persuades him to become a “recruiter” for Alexandria. With everyone else still at the party, Carol sneaks into the armory and loads up with weapons, but is confronted by Jessie’s son, Sam. Carol threatens to have him killed if he tells anyone what he saw. At the party, Sasha lashes out at a guest over her superficial concerns and storms out. The next day, Deanna finally allows Sasha to be a lookout in the bell tower, while Rick, Carol, and Daryl meet again in the woods. Daryl declines a weapon from Carol, as he believes the residents of Alexandria are harmless, while Rick takes a handgun. Upon their reentry into Alexandria, Rick passes Jessie and Pete and examines the “A” on his hand.

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