Noah and Reg meet for breakfast, and Noah expresses his desire to learn architecture, in order to improve Alexandria’s walls. Meanwhile, a walker herd attacks Alexandria’s construction crew – including Abraham. Despite Tobin’s instructions to fall back, Abraham rescues a lookout named Francine, who is surrounded by walkers, and helps the group eliminate the herd. He begins taking charge, and Tobin suggests to Deanna that Abraham become the construction team’s new leader. Deanna notices that members of Rick’s group are beginning to take charge in activities around the community. With the town’s electrical power failing, Glenn, Eugene, Tara, Noah, Aiden, and Nicholas go on a supply run to find the necessary parts to repair the solar panels. Aiden accidentally shoots a grenade attached to a riot gear-clad walker. The resulting explosion knocks Tara unconscious and impales Aiden on steel pipes, where he is devoured by walkers after Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas are unable to save him. While attempting to escape, Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas are trapped in a revolving door surrounded by walkers, but Eugene manages to distract some walkers to clear an escape path. A panicked Nicholas pushes his way out, exposing the remaining two; Noah is torn apart while Glenn looks on in horror. When Nicholas attempts to take Eugene’s van, Glenn catches up to him and knocks him out. Glenn and Eugene toss him into the back of the van before returning to Alexandria, with Tara still unconscious and quickly losing blood. Meanwhile, Fr. Gabriel confronts Deanna and, while Maggie eavesdrops, attempts to convince her that Rick’s group are disguised evil that will destroy what she has built. After several periodic visits from Sam and suspicious activity from Pete, Carol concludes that Pete is abusing Jessie and Sam, and suggests that Rick help the family by killing Pete.

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