As Deanna and her family mourn Aiden’s death, Deanna reviews a video of Nicholas recounting the events of the ill-fated supply run, blaming Glenn and Noah; Glenn tells the true facts about the run to Rick. Meanwhile, the remaining group members try to deal with their own issues. Sasha leaves her post in the bell tower to hunt walkers outside the walls, leading Michonne and Rosita to go out and retrieve her. While looking for more survivors to recruit, Daryl and Aaron come across dismembered limbs and the corpse of a woman who had been tied to a tree and disemboweled by walkers. They discover a “W” carved into her forehead. Carl continues to follow Enid, and the two begin to bond over their shared experiences as survivors from outside the walls. Glenn confronts Nicholas and warns him never to set foot outside the walls again, prompting Nicholas to retrieve a hidden gun, which turns out to be the same one Rick had previously stashed away and lost. Carol talks with Sam and manages to obtain more evidence of Pete’s abuse, which she relays to Rick. Angered, Rick approaches Deanna, who reveals she knows about Pete’s abusive behavior but turns a blind eye since he is the town surgeon, and his skills are valuable. Deanna turns down Rick’s plans to either separate Pete from Jessie or execute him, and assures him that she will exile Pete if things get out of hand. Rick then approaches Jessie privately, promising her that he can protect her from Pete. Jessie reluctantly agrees just as Pete walks in. Rick and Pete get into an argument that quickly escalates into a physical brawl, attracting the attention of the entire town. Rick is able to subdue Pete and draws his gun on the onlookers. He ignores Deanna’s orders to stand down, and rants about how Deanna’s leadership is weak and Alexandria’s residents have grown too complacent to survive against the dangers of the outside world. Suddenly, Michonne arrives and knocks Rick out as he is ranting.

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