Morgan is ambushed by two members of the Wolves, a group of scavengers who conform to the ancient belief that men evolved from wolves. The two men threaten to kill Morgan and take his supplies, but Morgan incapacitates them and leaves them unconscious in a car. As a result of Rick’s outburst, Deanna decides to hold a meeting about his possible exile, and Rick advocates to hold Deanna’s family hostage if the Alexandrians decide to exile him. Maggie tries to persuade Deanna to keep Rick in the community, but Deanna states that she “will do what she has to do”. Abraham visits Tara’s bedside, where he and Eugene make amends. Glenn follows Nicholas out of Alexandria, where the latter attacks him, and they brawl in the woods. Fr. Gabriel attempts to commit suicide by offering himself to a walker, before changing his mind and killing it and another walker before collapsing into tears; he returns and absentmindedly leaves the town gate ajar. Meanwhile, Daryl and Aaron follow a man in a red poncho whom they are interested in recruiting, but they fall into an elaborate trap set by the Wolves and they are attacked by dozens of walkers. They take refuge in a car before being rescued by Morgan, whom they recruit after discovering he knows Rick. The Wolves Morgan encountered earlier capture the man in the red poncho and kill him, before resetting the trap and finding Aaron’s backpack, which contain photos of Alexandria. Still traumatized, Sasha seeks help from Fr. Gabriel, who rejects and taunts her. Rick notices the unlocked gate, which he closes, and then he races around the town following blood splatters and eliminating walkers that have strayed inside. Despite Rick’s absence, Deanna initiates the meeting, where several allies of Rick make their case to keep him. Knowing Fr. Gabriel’s betrayal, Maggie visits his church, where she comes upon Sasha holding him at gunpoint after a brief scuffle. Maggie convinces the two to stop, and they pray together. Tara regains consciousness. Glenn manages to subdue Nicholas and decides to spare him; they then help each other return to Alexandria. Rick carries a walker’s corpse to the meeting, where he tells those assembled the dead and the living will always find a way to infiltrate the town, and he offers to show them how to survive. An enraged and drunken Pete, who had been relocated to a new house, barges into the meeting wielding Michonne’s katana and threatens to kill Rick. Reg intervenes, and Pete accidentally slits his throat, killing him. Hysterical, Deanna tells Rick to kill Pete, and Rick complies without hesitation, just as Morgan, Daryl, and Aaron arrive. In the first post-credits scene, Michonne is about to replace her katana on the wall, but changes her mind and instead places the sword into the scabbard on her back. In the second scene, the red poncho man, now a walker, wanders around the yard where the Wolves keep the other walkers. The car in the yard is spray-painted with the words “WOLVES NOT FAR”.

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